Hygge: Part 2 – How To Embrace Hygge in your Everyday Life

In my last post we discussed what Hygge is and why you should incorporate it into your life. Now that we officially have snow on the ground here in Montana, I feel like Hygge is even more important to learn about, and begin applying to your life!

Candle-lit rooms, fireplaces blazing, comfortable blankets, and hot drinks all seem to be pretty basic life-things. But once you learn what Hygge is, it becomes hard not to view those things as the delightful treasures they truly are.

I had a conversation with a friend after she read my first post and she said “Growing up in Boise area there’s a lot of cool vibes down there. In particular, there was this coffee shop called The Flying M. Still to this day I haven’t found a coffee shop that has the same vibe or came anywhere close to it. There were always local artists selling their art and home roasted coffee beans, daily.. And an atmosphere that made you feel right at home.” and I honestly cant think of anything more Hygge than that. That’s what it’s all about.

While learning about the concept of Hygge and why you need it was a great start, I want everyone to come away from this with a good idea of how to incorporate it into their daily lives. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on The Little Book of Hygge, you’ll find this delightful little page in there called The Hygge Manifesto.

The Hygge Manifesto is an amazing info graphic containing the basic stepping stones to bringing Hygge into your life. I wanted to elaborate a little bit, and add more description to the 10 main concepts of Hygge.


Make day-to-day activities more Hygge:

Want to make your life more Hyggelit? I know I do. Here are some basic ways to make every day activities cozy, warm, comfortable and relaxing.
Sitting in your bedroom or living room on your computer?
– Light 3-15 candles, it instantly makes a room more warm.
– Plug in that Salt Lamp, don’t have one? You’re missing out.
– Turn off those main over head lights and crank up that fireplace if you have one.
– Grab a blanket, some pillows and some socks or slippers.
– Turn on Pandora, I suggest The Lumineers, Hozier, The Postal Service, or Death Cab for Cutie Radio.
– Been scrolling aimlessly for too long? Ditch the computer and pick up a book, you wont be sorry.

Having dinner with friends or family?
– Opt for a night in! It’s more relaxing and personable.
– Play a game! Nothing is more Hygge than laughing with loved ones.
– Encourage comfortable attire, and make your home more welcoming. (Candles, hello!)
– Serve warm, hearty food and hot drinks. Attempt to create a beautiful table scape.

Going out for a coffee or lunch date?
– Find a local cafe with a great vibe, they’re out there, no matter where you are!
– Bring a book or a friend and just relax. Don’t rush through your coffee or meal, this is an experience!
– Find a spot with great lighting. String lights, big windows and a rustic feel. Bonus points if they play great music.
– Order a pastry or two, I bet you deserve it.
– Chat with strangers! Sometimes they have really neat or funny things to talk about.
– R E L A X

There are ways to make just about any situation more Hygge. (Minus like, Emergency Rooms and Dentist Offices).
Hygge is a way of life. In all instances, seek out a way to make these instances more comfortable.
Hygge is about creating fond memories, having a good time with loved ones, and enjoying every single moment. It’s about great lighting, good food, and feeling comfortable and safe. Hygge is everything comfy, cozy, relaxing and warm, and it’s absolutely wonderful. I encourage you to live your life in a way where you’re always searching for Hygge, because it’s a truly delightful way to live.

How are you going to start incorporating Hygge into your life? Buy some candles? Call up your old best friends for a night in? Invest in a salt lamp or a new cozy blanket? Wherever you start is perfect, because you’ll notice a difference right away.

So go on, get! Get your Hygge on. And don’t be embarrassed to say the word (HUE-GUH). The more you talk about Hygge, the more normal it becomes… and you’ll intrigue and inspire everyone around you!

Did you miss Part One? Find it here:

Sources: Hygge Manifesto, all photos on the “Embracing the Hygge Manifesto” graphic can be found HERE.

Hygge: Part 1 – What is Hygge and Why Do You Need it in Your Life?

Pretty recently I came across the topic of Hygge and was absolutely intrigued. Almost immediately after learning what it was, I went out and bought The Little Book of Hygge – Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking. And so began my infatuation with the simple, comforting and beautiful way the Danes live their lives.

Ah, I’m sure you, too, are intrigued and you’re probably ready to know (if you haven’t already blown this post off and just Googled it) :

What is Hygge? And how in the the world do you pronounce it?

Hygge (hue-guh) is, to use Mr. Wiking’s words, “…about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.”

Hygge is sipping hot cocoa by the fire in your favorite pair of socks.
Hygge is Christmas, early evening, when the food is almost ready, the lighting is dim and glowy, and everyone’s hearts are buzzing with warmth and comfort.
Hygge is relaxing at your favorite brick walled, dimly-lit coffee shop, listening to indie music and taking it all in.
Hygge is wrapping up in your favorite blanket, bra off, hair up, watching a snow storm consume your neighborhood while you watch from the comfort of the indoors.

Hygge is everything comfortable, warm, and relaxing. It’s togetherness, music, pastries and candlelight. Hygge is, to generalize; happiness.

Why do you need Hygge in your life?

The reason the concept of Hygge struck me so hard, is mostly due in part to the fact that, like Denmark, Montana has long, grueling winters. Part of my research lead me to uncover that many years ago, the Danes came up with a way to combat the notorious depression that can set in when you live in a place with crazy-long winters.
It was a new way of life, a way to embrace the long “depressing” winters, rather than dread them. They yearned for a way to look forward to the frigid, dark season ahead of them, so they created one!

It’s inspiring, if you ask me. And I feel like we Americans, and especially us that live in the North (Montana) could really, truly benefit from bringing Hygge into our lives.

The winters are long, and I know from 18 + years of living in the Flathead Valley that there are still thousands of people here that haven’t found a way to cope with the way a long winter makes them feel.
I want everyone to have the opportunity to find pure and blissful joy by embracing the cold season, rather than trying to escape it or complain about it.

So grab some close friends and family, light a few candles, climb into your Hyggekrog, and delve into the wonderful life that is Hygge.
I encourage you to do some of your own research.
Hop on Pinterest and create a Hygge Board for inspiration and warm feelings.

And I would also like you to keep your eyes out for Hygge Part 2: How to Embrace Hygge in your Everyday Lifewhere we’ll talk about things you can do to make your life more Hygge.

See you soon.

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Do you ever have those moments where you find a quote online and you think “holy crap, it’s almost like who ever wrote that can see straight into my soul”?
That’s what happened to me when I found this heavenly little blurb by Peggy Toney Horton.

I don’t want to seem cliche, but for me it feels like while everything begins to die in September, I finally come to life.
I know what you’re thinking, “come to life? In what sense were you NOT alive?”.
The 3 endless months of hot dry weather assassinated my soul, okay?

As the weather cools off, the leaves turn orange, and the clouds finally roll in – I settle into my absolute favorite half of the year: fall & winter.
I simply do not belong in 80 degree weather. I hate being hot, I don’t enjoy sweating,  and I hate the fact that I can’t achieve a comfortable temperature by removing layers in the summer, like I can in the fall by adding them. You can only get SO naked, you know? Yeah, you know. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

What I don’t want happening this fall is for me to spend 3 months gawking at the orange leaves from the mundane comfort of home, and not getting out to truly enjoy them.
So I’m making PLANS; if Montana ever stops being on fire… that is.

My September plans will definitely seep into October and November, seeing as the state of Montana isn’t expected to have it’s wildfires under control for quite some time. So for the sake of the entire North West, you all better be praying to the weather god for rain – or whatever you do. (;

Here’s what I’ve got going on…

Farmers Markets:
I’m mostly interested in the the Kalispell Farmer’s Market. It’s close by, easy to access, and there aren’t a million people there. I look forward to a few brisk Saturday mornings, latte in hand, enjoying the plethora of autumn’s harvest: sunflowers, fresh corn, apples and pumpkins. I intend to get out and enjoy one of Whitefish’s Farmers Markets too. (they’re just a little more hectic).

Sweet Pickins Pumpkin Patch:
Now, apparently this place has been around for a long time. I don’t remember ever going to it, AND it seems fairly aimed at families with kids.. But Paul and I are DEFINITELY going. We usually just buy pumpkins the day before Halloween which is great, but how much more enjoyable would it be to go to a pumpkin patch and pick your own, all while getting to enjoy a fricken Autumn Wonderland. I mean, LOOK at this place! Little slice of autumn heaven.

PicMonkey Collage

Much more sitting at Colter Coffee:
This is one of my favorite past times. I used to come to Colter Coffee after school to “do homework” all the time. (I really just sat around with books in front of me, sipping coffee or chai). The vibe inside Colter is really what people are after though. There isn’t anything else like it (IMO), especially not in Kalispell. Now, if you were to head over to say, Portland or Seattle, there would be something similar on every street corner. But we just have one, which makes it that much more special. Colter Coffee definitely has the hygge factor that I’m constantly seeking out. (Side note: We’ll go over hygge in the near future, promise. Just google it for now.)
(Extra side note: I’m not a Starbucks hang out kind of gal, so don’t even SUGGEST that their atmosphere beats out Colter, don’t you dare).

Lots of reading, hopefully outdoors:
I thoroughly enjoy the idea of laying in a wooded thicket, sipping on hot tea, bundled up in a cable knit throw – reading the afternoon away.. That’s not super realistic though, so I’ll settle for a ton of reading, anywhere, anytime. I have a ton of books on my current lineup, three of which I’ve already started.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Queen J.K. Rowling
You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero
The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking
You Are a Badass at Making Money – Jane Sincero
And a few others, I wont bore you.

A few fall hikes at GNP:
If the poor park makes it through this damn fire season, I’d love to make it up there for at least a few hikes. It absolutely kills me that it’s on fire. Just one more reason to believe that summer’s the worst. Drought, 80+ degrees every day, & thousands of people crowding our beautiful Glacier National Park = not my idea of a good time. I like to go to the park in the spring and fall. Plus, those mountains are just way prettier when they’re snow capped.


So that’s what I have going on for September. Along with the obvious: lot’s of working, sleeping, coffee and studying.
What am I missing? What do you guys do in September?

Back to the Drawing Board (Kind Of)

back to the drawing board

Very recently, I was attempting to last-minute enroll into college. The process didn’t go as planned and I came to the realization that waiting was the logical and responsible choice.

The degree I chose to pursue was Graphic Design – something I’ve established a pretty strong interest in over the past few years. I was unfortunately not someone who found their academic niche right out of high school, therefore I felt as though it was simply a waste of money to attempt furthering my education at the time.

But something I DID discover right out of high school was my love of blogging. In hindsight I realize that I fell in love with blogging because I felt as though it was my only outlet to continue writing after graduation.

Throughout my erratic high school career, the one and only thing that was constant for me was writing. I adored any English class I was in. I loved writing essays, short stories, poetry, and even in diaries/journals. English was the only subject in school that gave me any form of fulfillment, and the only thing I felt I honestly excelled at.

So to no surprise, when I was required to write a 300-500 word essay for my placement testing in order to apply for college, I lit up. I hunkered down, turned on The Lumineers radio, and I busted out (with ease), a 500 word 5 paragraph essay… As if it were something I did on a regular basis.

And it all clicked. Furthering my education, however I end up going about that, is exceedingly important to me. Graphic Design is 100% something I intend to turn into a career… But writing has been, is, and always will be something that I am profoundly passionate about… and how lucky am I to have blogging as a platform to share my greatest passion with anyone who cares to read it?

So what does this mean for me and my future? I can say with total certainty that I have no idea. What I do know is that I’d love to spend a lot of my time writing. I want to create an e-space full of wonderful, read-worthy content: stunning self-produced photos, beautiful graphics, and words that actually mean something. And what I know I don’t want is a generic blog full of shit that I don’t actually care about sharing.

I love clothes too though so don’t think you’re getting out of outfit posts here and there.

I’ll get there. I’ll run an awesome, consistent blog. I’ll wow you with just how mundane my life really is, and also with my ability to make it seem as though it’s not. I’ll do what I’m passionate about – and I won’t curate my content to “what I think is going to get me the most reads/followers”. I just want to be here, being my truest selfsharing my life with whoever wants to “listen”.

Hopefully you’re down with that – and hopefully I can entertain at least a few individuals with my musings. But if not, you can always go watch dog videos, or read articles entitled “Celebrities and the Surprising Nicknames they’ve Given their Genitals” or something along those lines. I don’t know – there’s plenty to do on the WWW. (Side note – I just came to the realization that World Wide Web does in fact correlate with the www we put at the beginning of web addresses – oops).

But here’s to getting back to the drawing board, or whatever. Coming to realizations. Beginning new adventures. Figuring my life out – whatever that means.
Here’s to being one step closer to knowing exactly what it is that sets my soul on fire.

And this journey will entail ample amounts of wine & coffee, lots of spilling my heart out, hopefully a college degree?, but definitely, definitely a lot more time spent doing what I love.

W R I T I N G.



SIX Closet Staples for Fall

Fall is coming up a lot quicker than you all may think.
I usually start preparing for Fall sometime in July, and start dressing for it in August.
Yeah, I jump the gun – but I have to be honest, I HATE Summer clothes.
I’m just so much more in my element when I’m wearing boots and cardigans.

I do receive a lot of compliments on my attire in the Fall, so I figured I’d fill you guys in on some of my staples; items that I plan to wear very regularly this fall, that you may enjoy too.



  1. Thigh high boots – I got these last year at J.C. Penney, and they are the most incredible boots I’ve ever owned. I wore them 4-5 days a week last Fall & Winter. Excessive? Maybe.. But they just go with every damn thing. Penney’s only has size 5 left (I think they may be discontinuing them) and I tried REALLY hard to find something similar, but I just couldn’t find anything for you guys. (So sorry, start searching!)
  2. Wide brimmed fedora – I’ve purchased almost all of my “fedoras” at Target. I got really lucky for awhile, but as of late they just haven’t been producing good hats. I’ve been eyeballing a few Urban Outfitter hats for while now though. They’re on the pricey side – but when you wear hats as much as I do (4-5 days a week), it definitely makes them worth the price. The one pictured IS Urban Outfitters.
  3. Over sized cardigan – You can find these babies just about anywhere! My go-to is obviously Target! There aren’t many shopping options in good ol’ Kalispell Montana. The cardigan pictured is perfection, and is from Nordstrom and comes in 7 gorgeous colors. But if you’re “cheap” like me, head to your nearest Target, buy 17+ things that you didn’t plan on buying AND one of their awesome cardigans.
  4. Low heeled booties – Guys, these are a must. There’s nothing worse than having super cute booties that have too high of a heel. The point of booties in my opinion, is to have a comfortable yet fashionable pair of shoes to wear, that aren’t full blown boots, and aren’t flats. They’re perfect for fall, and functional for just about any activity. Pictured are from TJ Maxx. I own them, I love them, you definitely need them!
  5. Black ripped jeans – I’ve been seeking out a pair of these bad boys for MONTHS! I finally found the one in the photo at ASOS and was planning on buying them. THEN, I went to TJ Maxx a few days later and found a VERY similar pair for $19.99! Score! The brand of the pair I got from TJ Maxx is called KANCAN, but they’re not available on their site, so go check out your nearest store!
  6. And last but absolutely not least; the perfect work bagI am obsessed with this bag, but I have to be honest with you, I don’t own it yet… It’s on my wish list, and I hope to snag it up soon. But it is an investment! It’s made by Western Bound Goods based out of Bozeman! She hand crafts every bag, which is freakin amazing if you ask me.. I’ll have it soon enough, but for now I’m just going to drool over it til’ I save up some extra dough!


Fall is my absolute fave. I am counting down the days til hot drinks, crisp air, leggings, scarves and vibrant earthy colors. Just thinking about it makes me giddy.

What are your Fall staples? Whether it be food, drinks, clothes or activities – I want to hear about ALL THINGS FALL.

Top 5 Favorite Local Restaurants in The Flathead Valley – Lunch Edition

top 5 favorite

In my ideal world, I would wake up at 6 a.m., make myself coffee, have breakfast in the dining room (or on the patio during the summer), do some stretches, get ready for the day, and head off to work (on time!).
But most importantly, I would prep and pack a delicious meal for lunch every. single. day.

But I live in the real world. The cruel world – where I wake up 40 minutes before I need to leave the house, scramble out the door just PRAYING I have enough time to stop and get a REAL coffee – which let’s be real, does not happen very often.

One way or another, I drum up some form of caffeinated beverage, and survive off that until lunch time – where the real fun begins.

Eating lunch out is frickin’ expensive, everyone knows that. But a lot of times you just have to do it. And since I gave up fast food (with the exception of Frugal’s and Burger Town), a local delicious restaurant is where I go.

So here are my tops. My faves. The places I visit (or at least want to) most often for lunch on-the-fly.
Keep in mind that I’ve only been back in Montana for ONE year, so these could change.
(NOTE: I also spend most of my time in either Kalispell or Whitefish, so, sorry Bigfork and C-Falls, catch you next time).

Seasonal #1) mountain berry bowls – Kalispell & Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: The Good Medicine bowl – sub strawberries for blueberries
Other Great Menu Item: Literally anything, it’s fruit – it’s all good.

1) Central Avenue Bakery and Deli – Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: Turkey Adobe Sandwich – sans tomato and onion
Other Great Menu Item: I haven’t tried anything else, other than their pastries – which are AMAZING.

2) Wrap & Roll Cafe – Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: Thai Peanut Veggie Wrap – add chicken
Other Great Menu Item: Chorizo Burrito – all the way. But again, anything you pick will be amazing.

3)  Montana Coffee Traders – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item : Black Bean & Pesto Quesadilla
Other Great Menu Item: Asian Chicken Salad! OR Pulled Pork Sandwich

4) The Knead Cafe – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item: The Sunset Turkey Sandwich
Other Great Menu Item: Carnitas Grande Burrito Bowl

5) Bonelli’s Bistro – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item: Squash Salad – add chicken
Other Great Menu Item: Grilled Chicken Arugula Wrap

Notable mentions that didn’t make the list:

Wheat Montana – Kalispell
Split Rock Cafe – Kalispell
Desoto Grill – Kalispell
Tea Kettle Cafe – Columbia Falls

So what about you, people of the Flathead?
Where do you like to get a quick bite?
I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Pluviophiles & Petrichor

Say It Dont Spray It

Don’t you find it odd that some people view rain as dreary and depressing, while others are completely enamored by it?

Nothing brings me more bliss than gazing out the window on a rainy day, listening to The Postal Service Radio on Pandora, and sipping on coffee or tea.
Cliche, I know… It’s just the place I’m most content.
Also, side note – Pluviophile is not a dictionary word, so don’t judge me..

While I’d love to lay around and stare out windows all day, I must be a productive member of society, meaning: pants.
Well, other clothes too. Cute ones! I think anyway..

While I would love to be an Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, Bloomingdale’s kind of girl… I am stuck being a TJ Maxx and Target girl for now.
Which, honestly, I’m not horribly upset about… Neither is my bank account.

Jeans: Target, HUNTER boots: Amazon, Cream ELEMENT Long Sleeve: TJ Maxx, Flowy Cardigan: Target, Hat: Target









I had to add a photo of my hot ass photographer, sorry babe.

Also, you know that intoxicating smell that fills the air when it’s raining? That’s called petrichor.
Some scientists believe that people inherited their affection for the scent of rain from ancestors who relied on rainy weather for their survival.
But mostly it’s a certain chemical that plants release when it rains, and a bacteria the ground produces when it gets wet. SCIENCE!

Anyway, while I didn’t get to spend my day vegging out and watching it drizzle, I did enjoy my short time spent time outside, taking pictures and laughing.

I hope you all had a really, really good 4/20.

And to all of you pluviophiles and petrichor lovers; keep praying for rain.
We need it & we love it.


How I Spend 35.7% of my Awake-Time


I spend it at my amazing job, duh! I’m talking about my job guys.
Confession: I actually had to like, do an equation to figure that out! Oops, should’ve paid more attention in Algebra. Anyway, I am awake approximately 112 hours each week, and 40 of those hours are spent at my job. That equates to 35.7% of my WOKE hours spent working. (and you thought you wouldn’t learn anything new today)

But let’s get serious, I love my job (97% of the time). Seems unreal, huh? Here’s what I do, for those of you who don’t already know.
My official unofficial title is : Operations and Marketing Manager at the most absolutely BA Montana business out there – The Montana Scene.
What that means is: I currently manage multiple employees, including my dad (just kidding, kind of, HI DAD!) at 3 (soon to be 4, shhh) different stores and 1 Operations HQ Warehouse.
I also do tons of other tasks such as fulfilling web and wholesale orders, occasional design assistance (fave), pulling and running product for the stores, training and staying in constant contact with employees, and also some occasional (let’s be real, more than occasional) site modeling (also fave).

There are so many more things I do on a daily basis but I really don’t want make anyone any more jealous than they already are.  The important part is that I seriously, seriously love it.

It’s almost as if having an un-accomplishable (I know, not a word) task list is my calling. Constantly running out of time to finish projects, writing unrealistically long check-lists in my planner and answering endless, I mean endless emails, just kind of feels like what I was born to do.

So cheers to Melissa and Sean (the owners) for giving me the opportunity of a life time. I will forever look back on this time in my life, and be astounded at the trust and faith they put into me to help them on this awesome journey. The invaluable knowledge and experience I’m gaining from this job will greatly impact the rest of my life. (Melissa, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re shaking your head at all the sappy shit you just had to read).

I’m coming up on one year of working here, and am proud to say I’ve only had one or two stress-induced “I’m quitting and becoming a house wife” meltdowns.
Both were talked down by my amazingly supportive husband who said “woah, woah woah I know your personality type and you would go on a rampage if you had to be a housewife”. Hah, yeah, that’s how it happened.

(Both meltdowns, I’m sure, occurred sometime around Black Friday / Cyber Monday : you guys are monsters I tell you, MONSTERS. Totally kidding I was absolutely at Target on Black Friday, I wont lie to you)

Anyway,  I’m glad I am where I am. It feels really, really good.





First Coffee

One of my favorite things on this planet is coffee.
I know a lot of you can get on board with that.

It gets you through your mornings, soothes your soul, and fuels your adventures.
It’s delightful, world-renowned, and can be contrived in hundreds, possibly thousands of different ways. What’s not to love?
I would go as far as to say that I am passionate about coffee.

So when the amazing company I work for decided to do a new coffee themed shirt, I was like yaaaaaaas. I was super fortunate to get to come up with the concept for this design, then the wonderful Amanda from Wheelie Creative brought my idea to life, and voila!

Here it is, the magical-ness of coffee and adventure all in one beautifully comfortable cream sweater:

Coffee & Explore Pullover


Side note: See that precious Latte Pin? Cutest thing you’ve ever seen, huh? I got it at The Red Caboose in Whitefish.

To Go Mug: Hobby Lobby, Olive Army Jacket: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Target, Shades: Ray Ban

I can’t wait to do tons of coffee drinking and some serious exploring in this bad boy.
Also, where are your favorite places to get coffee in the Flathead Valley?

First Coffee, and then we