Hey, I’m Laura. You can call me Lo if you want.
It’s a childhood nickname that I absolutely adore,
but didn’t really stick through adulthood.

Here’s some sh*t you probably don’t care to know:
I was born in Vancouver, Washington in ’95.
My family moved to Montana when I was 2, and I grew up
in the middle of nowhere down a long gravel road.
When I was 17 I met the love of my life, dated him long-distance for 9 months, graduated from high school 8 months early, and flew to Germany to be with him. I came home to Montana for a little while, married him via proxy 3 days after my 18th birthday while he was still living in Germany, and in 2013 we moved to Oahu, Hawaii.
(Oh yeah, if you didn’t already guess, he was in the military)
We were there for 3 years, he separated from the Air Force, and we moved back to Northwest Montana.

We live in Kalispell Montana now, with our dog Nana.
I work full time as the Director of Marketing at a boat dealership, as well as run the social accounts for my dad’s woodworking business, start all kinds of projects I can’t finish, and finally, of course, I run:
a cup of l

It is here where I get to talk about all my true passions:
+ coffee; americanos, pour-overs, making, buying, drinking..
+ the hygge way of life / cozy living
+ stylish yet affordable fashion
+ beautiful spaces
+ occasional laughs