Laura Ponder

Hello, this is me, drinking coffee.
If you’re here and taking the time to read this… I want to give you a huge, huge thank you. It is so hard to get people to read your shit..

I started blogging over 5 years ago but haven’t been consistent with it because that’s just who I am as a person.
I am passionate about it, though. If I could make blogging into a full time career, you bet your ass I would.
But that can’t actually happen….. can it?

If you could peek into my personal life you would see:
» Me working a 9-5 that I adore but does not truly suit me.
» Lots, and lots and lots of cussing. Just, so much cussing.
» Constant binge-watching rotation schedule of : The Bold Type, New Girl, Friends, 30 Rock, Weeds & American Dad .
» Spending way way way too much time & money at Target, typical.
» Listening to a LOT of really terrible music, but also a little bit of really great music.
» Sleep. I looove to sleep..
» Coffee. So much coffee. “Iced americano with oat milk & honey, plz. I have my own cup.”
»Laughing uncontrollably with my husband & dog,
they’re both kind of the best.

I enjoy :
Dogs, good coffee, rap, clothes, Harry Potter, decorating homes, driving manual cars, hats, snow-capped mountains, over-sized sunglasses and pine trees.

I do not enjoy :
Dishonesty, manipulators, politics, weak coffee, bad drivers, people who are mean to animals, mushrooms, and weather above 80 degrees.

Cute ass photos by Meggan Jessat Photography.