Top 5 Favorite Local Restaurants in The Flathead Valley – Lunch Edition

top 5 favorite

In my ideal world, I would wake up at 6 a.m., make myself coffee, have breakfast in the dining room (or on the patio during the summer), do some stretches, get ready for the day, and head off to work (on time!).
But most importantly, I would prep and pack a delicious meal for lunch every. single. day.

But I live in the real world. The cruel world – where I wake up 40 minutes before I need to leave the house, scramble out the door just PRAYING I have enough time to stop and get a REAL coffee – which let’s be real, does not happen very often.

One way or another, I drum up some form of caffeinated beverage, and survive off that until lunch time – where the real fun begins.

Eating lunch out is frickin’ expensive, everyone knows that. But a lot of times you just have to do it. And since I gave up fast food (with the exception of Frugal’s and Burger Town), a local delicious restaurant is where I go.

So here are my tops. My faves. The places I visit (or at least want to) most often for lunch on-the-fly.
Keep in mind that I’ve only been back in Montana for ONE year, so these could change.
(NOTE: I also spend most of my time in either Kalispell or Whitefish, so, sorry Bigfork and C-Falls, catch you next time).

Seasonal #1) mountain berry bowls – Kalispell & Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: The Good Medicine bowl – sub strawberries for blueberries
Other Great Menu Item: Literally anything, it’s fruit – it’s all good.

1) Central Avenue Bakery and Deli – Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: Turkey Adobe Sandwich – sans tomato and onion
Other Great Menu Item: I haven’t tried anything else, other than their pastries – which are AMAZING.

2) Wrap & Roll Cafe – Whitefish
Favorite Menu Item: Thai Peanut Veggie Wrap – add chicken
Other Great Menu Item: Chorizo Burrito – all the way. But again, anything you pick will be amazing.

3)  Montana Coffee Traders – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item : Black Bean & Pesto Quesadilla
Other Great Menu Item: Asian Chicken Salad! OR Pulled Pork Sandwich

4) The Knead Cafe – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item: The Sunset Turkey Sandwich
Other Great Menu Item: Carnitas Grande Burrito Bowl

5) Bonelli’s Bistro – Kalispell
Favorite Menu Item: Squash Salad – add chicken
Other Great Menu Item: Grilled Chicken Arugula Wrap

Notable mentions that didn’t make the list:

Wheat Montana – Kalispell
Split Rock Cafe – Kalispell
Desoto Grill – Kalispell
Tea Kettle Cafe – Columbia Falls

So what about you, people of the Flathead?
Where do you like to get a quick bite?
I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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One thought on “Top 5 Favorite Local Restaurants in The Flathead Valley – Lunch Edition

  1. Girl! You have to check out Zucca if you haven’t already! It’s in that stump town market in whitefish! It is amazing and I crave it soooo much!!!


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