SIX Closet Staples for Fall

Fall is coming up a lot quicker than you all may think.
I usually start preparing for Fall sometime in July, and start dressing for it in August.
Yeah, I jump the gun – but I have to be honest, I HATE Summer clothes.
I’m just so much more in my element when I’m wearing boots and cardigans.

I do receive a lot of compliments on my attire in the Fall, so I figured I’d fill you guys in on some of my staples; items that I plan to wear very regularly this fall, that you may enjoy too.



  1. Thigh high boots – I got these last year at J.C. Penney, and they are the most incredible boots I’ve ever owned. I wore them 4-5 days a week last Fall & Winter. Excessive? Maybe.. But they just go with every damn thing. Penney’s only has size 5 left (I think they may be discontinuing them) and I tried REALLY hard to find something similar, but I just couldn’t find anything for you guys. (So sorry, start searching!)
  2. Wide brimmed fedora – I’ve purchased almost all of my “fedoras” at Target. I got really lucky for awhile, but as of late they just haven’t been producing good hats. I’ve been eyeballing a few Urban Outfitter hats for while now though. They’re on the pricey side – but when you wear hats as much as I do (4-5 days a week), it definitely makes them worth the price. The one pictured IS Urban Outfitters.
  3. Over sized cardigan – You can find these babies just about anywhere! My go-to is obviously Target! There aren’t many shopping options in good ol’ Kalispell Montana. The cardigan pictured is perfection, and is from Nordstrom and comes in 7 gorgeous colors. But if you’re “cheap” like me, head to your nearest Target, buy 17+ things that you didn’t plan on buying AND one of their awesome cardigans.
  4. Low heeled booties – Guys, these are a must. There’s nothing worse than having super cute booties that have too high of a heel. The point of booties in my opinion, is to have a comfortable yet fashionable pair of shoes to wear, that aren’t full blown boots, and aren’t flats. They’re perfect for fall, and functional for just about any activity. Pictured are from TJ Maxx. I own them, I love them, you definitely need them!
  5. Black ripped jeans – I’ve been seeking out a pair of these bad boys for MONTHS! I finally found the one in the photo at ASOS and was planning on buying them. THEN, I went to TJ Maxx a few days later and found a VERY similar pair for $19.99! Score! The brand of the pair I got from TJ Maxx is called KANCAN, but they’re not available on their site, so go check out your nearest store!
  6. And last but absolutely not least; the perfect work bagI am obsessed with this bag, but I have to be honest with you, I don’t own it yet… It’s on my wish list, and I hope to snag it up soon. But it is an investment! It’s made by Western Bound Goods based out of Bozeman! She hand crafts every bag, which is freakin amazing if you ask me.. I’ll have it soon enough, but for now I’m just going to drool over it til’ I save up some extra dough!


Fall is my absolute fave. I am counting down the days til hot drinks, crisp air, leggings, scarves and vibrant earthy colors. Just thinking about it makes me giddy.

What are your Fall staples? Whether it be food, drinks, clothes or activities – I want to hear about ALL THINGS FALL.

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