Back to the Drawing Board (Kind Of)

back to the drawing board

Very recently, I was attempting to last-minute enroll into college. The process didn’t go as planned and I came to the realization that waiting was the logical and responsible choice.

The degree I chose to pursue was Graphic Design – something I’ve established a pretty strong interest in over the past few years. I was unfortunately not someone who found their academic niche right out of high school, therefore I felt as though it was simply a waste of money to attempt furthering my education at the time.

But something I DID discover right out of high school was my love of blogging. In hindsight I realize that I fell in love with blogging because I felt as though it was my only outlet to continue writing after graduation.

Throughout my erratic high school career, the one and only thing that was constant for me was writing. I adored any English class I was in. I loved writing essays, short stories, poetry, and even in diaries/journals. English was the only subject in school that gave me any form of fulfillment, and the only thing I felt I honestly excelled at.

So to no surprise, when I was required to write a 300-500 word essay for my placement testing in order to apply for college, I lit up. I hunkered down, turned on The Lumineers radio, and I busted out (with ease), a 500 word 5 paragraph essay… As if it were something I did on a regular basis.

And it all clicked. Furthering my education, however I end up going about that, is exceedingly important to me. Graphic Design is 100% something I intend to turn into a career… But writing has been, is, and always will be something that I am profoundly passionate about… and how lucky am I to have blogging as a platform to share my greatest passion with anyone who cares to read it?

So what does this mean for me and my future? I can say with total certainty that I have no idea. What I do know is that I’d love to spend a lot of my time writing. I want to create an e-space full of wonderful, read-worthy content: stunning self-produced photos, beautiful graphics, and words that actually mean something. And what I know I don’t want is a generic blog full of shit that I don’t actually care about sharing.

I love clothes too though so don’t think you’re getting out of outfit posts here and there.

I’ll get there. I’ll run an awesome, consistent blog. I’ll wow you with just how mundane my life really is, and also with my ability to make it seem as though it’s not. I’ll do what I’m passionate about – and I won’t curate my content to “what I think is going to get me the most reads/followers”. I just want to be here, being my truest selfsharing my life with whoever wants to “listen”.

Hopefully you’re down with that – and hopefully I can entertain at least a few individuals with my musings. But if not, you can always go watch dog videos, or read articles entitled “Celebrities and the Surprising Nicknames they’ve Given their Genitals” or something along those lines. I don’t know – there’s plenty to do on the WWW. (Side note – I just came to the realization that World Wide Web does in fact correlate with the www we put at the beginning of web addresses – oops).

But here’s to getting back to the drawing board, or whatever. Coming to realizations. Beginning new adventures. Figuring my life out – whatever that means.
Here’s to being one step closer to knowing exactly what it is that sets my soul on fire.

And this journey will entail ample amounts of wine & coffee, lots of spilling my heart out, hopefully a college degree?, but definitely, definitely a lot more time spent doing what I love.

W R I T I N G.



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