Coffee Conversations Pt. 1

Today’s the start of a new series: “Coffee Conversations”. I wanted to create this series to give myself the ability to write with a little more freedom. My inconsistencies with writing stem from my innate need for everything to be perfect before I hit “publish”. The writing has to be clear and meaningful, the graphicsContinue reading “Coffee Conversations Pt. 1”

A Very Hygge Gift Guide

*Links have been updated (where possible) as of 10/18/2021. Some items were no longer available and did not have a suitable alternative. The only gift guide you’ll ever need! Okay, that’s probably not true… But it is very near and dear to my heart. Possibly because I own (and absolutely adore) most the things onContinue reading “A Very Hygge Gift Guide”

November Gratitude Challenge

*To participate in the November Gratitude Challenge, check my Instagram stories each morning in November!* Is doing a Gratitude Challenge in November cliché? Maybe.Do we all desperately need 30 straight days of counting our blessings though? Abso-f*ckin-lutely. This challenge may be a little, well, challenging. I get it. It’s been a really rough year.Let’s validateContinue reading “November Gratitude Challenge”