Merchandising, My New Love!

I was recently promoted to “Head of Merchandising and Inventory” at The Montana Scene. I have been “head of inventory” for quite a while (making sure all the stores get the product they need on a regular basis), but with my new job I get to spend a lot of time reaching out to allContinue reading “Merchandising, My New Love!”

How I Spend 35.7% of my Awake-Time

I spend it at my amazing job, duh! I’m talking about my job guys. Confession: I actually had to like, do an equation to figure that out! Oops, should’ve paid more attention in Algebra. Anyway, I am awake approximately 112 hours each week, and 40 of those hours are spent at my job. That equatesContinue reading “How I Spend 35.7% of my Awake-Time”