A Cozy Summer Reading List

This summer is…. Weird. There, I said it. Not that I ever have extravagant, exciting summer plans… But it feels odd that those things aren’t even an option. No bars, concerts, festivals or house parties. 2020 is the summer of chill.And CHILL is synonymous with cozy.And COZY is synonymous with books.And BOOKS that revolve aroundContinue reading “A Cozy Summer Reading List”

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in the Flathead Valley

If you don’t already know, coffee is really really important to me. No, not just because it keeps me awake when I’m forced to get up in the mornings but because I LOVE making coffee. Ever since I got my first coffee job at Green Beans Coffee Co. in Hawaii, I’ve been obsessed with makingContinue reading “5 of the Best Coffee Shops in the Flathead Valley”

How to Keep Things Hygge in the Spring

The hygge way of life was invented to combat the notorious depression that comes with winter. Denmark has long, drawn-out winters with scarce amounts of daylight. Therefore, they needed a way (or a feeling, if you will) to not only get through this time, but to embrace it. So hygge was born. Hygge, when definedContinue reading “How to Keep Things Hygge in the Spring”